I learned a chorus in the ’70s that said, “How great is our God, how great is His Name.  How great is our God, forever the same.  He rolled back the waters of the mighty red sea and He said, I will never leave you, put your trust in Me.”  I admit that sometimes it is hard to just trust God when everything around you is falling apart.  I was singing that song this week as I pondered our countries plight and God brought to mind the children of Israel as they were leaving Egypt.  I can’t imagine a more fearful situation than they faced.  The entire government with their frightening army bearing down on your rear as you and at least 600,000 of your closest buddies facing the might Red Sea.  What would you do?  Moses prayed, I think he must have said something like, God you do see our predicament don’t you?  I don’t know what to do, we left Egypt as you directed and now we face a horrible death from one thing or the other.  But God, acted and the sea parted for them until on the other side they watched as the entire army was drowned as the waters came back.  Moses’ sister wrote a song on the spot and got everyone to sing about the horse and rider being drowned in the sea.  Read about it in Exodus 15.  I am reminded of the new Pharaoh (king) who changed his mind after he let them go and wondered who was going to do all the work for him.  We face uncertain times in our nation and today we decide how we will move forward, with or without our freedoms.  I trust God!!!!!   His ways are higher than my ways and I am trying to remember that and trust that He will roll back the waters of the mighty sea we face.  I pray that we will maintain our trust and not have to wander around for 40 years as they did.

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord.  Jeremiah 17:7

Happy New Year, with all of the celebration over the holidays I know it might be difficult to resume our fasting tomorrow but please let’s do so and beseech the Lord on behalf of our leaders.

LIFE meets tonight at 7:00.  1st Tuesday so we will have communion and we are expecting at least one new member tonight, I have invited two.  I would like to take a look at Acts 6:1-10 tonight and take a look at an ordinary man who by God’s Spirit became very extraordinary.

God Bless, Jim

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