Tomorrows Fast

I heard recently that miracles ceased with the demise of the Apostles. Not the first time I have heard this, but with my life story, it is very hard to hear.  I recently preached a sermon in which I asked the congregation to share miracles they had experienced in their lives.  Many responded and I explained that at least one of the reasons for them was so that we could all have a story to tell about Jesus and His power to the world.  I have experienced miracles in my life and I love to tell of them to glorify my Savior.  It hurts my heart to hear otherwise.  I have had the privilege of teaching the Bible for many years and cannot list all the scriptures here that bear that out but I will list at least one.  We have been studying in Hebrews recently in our Tuesday night Bible study.  In chapter 2 verse 4 we read, “God also bearing witness both of signs and wonders, with various miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit according to His will.”  Some have used this verse to further the argument that they are past by saying, this verse says that God had (past tense) born witness to His word by means of sign gifts and when this letter was written to the Hebrews, the signs had already died out.

Question: If the sign gifts were given to confirm apostolic authority, then why did non-apostles have the sign gifts?  Then and now?  It doesn’t make sense to me!  After I was baptized in the Holy Spirit I saw many miracles and still do, praise God.  If anyone has not been baptized in the fire from Jesus, I implore you to seek it with all your might.

Tomorrow as we fast and pray together we need to once again remember our nation and our President because in my opinion, we are under attack from the evil one.

God have mercy on us!  Bless you!

LIFE does not meet tonight but we will have a service at Summer Breeze on Sunday at 4:00.

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