Tomorrows Fast

I read this morning from Luke 19: 11-27, you probably remember the story about the nobleman who was going away to receive His Kingdom.  To test some of his followers he called 10 of them and entrusted three months wages to them to see what they would do while He was gone.  But this was not the part of the story I want to remind you of.  As He left, some of the people followed saying that they would never have this man reign over them because they hated Him.  When He returned as King of Kings He called the workers in to tell how they did with the money and rewarded or punished accordingly.  But notice that even the least of them was accepted, just with reward commensurate with their work.  The part of the story that caught my attention was the delegation that followed as He left saying that this man would never reign over them.  I pray every day for people, by name, who refuse to give up ruler ship of their lives to Jesus, holding out for self-rule to the end.

Well, look at the end of the story and see what Jesus did.  He called for them and had them killed on the spot.  As I fast and pray tomorrow I will double down in prayer for those who are struggling with this very same problem.  God called Ezekiel in chapter 3 of his book and said that he was appointed a watchman.  He said that if he did not warn them of the impending doom, the lost ones blood would be on your hands.  My My, please don’t give up on those you are praying for.  Tell them of this story, share the love of Christ with them, do whatever it takes to lead them into the promised land.  Be blessed, Jim

LIFE does not meet tonight, next Tuesday, and don’t forget the service at Summer Breeze on Sunday at 4:00.

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