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I have had several pastors ask me recently, “what is wrong with church”, people are not coming like they use to.  I am more and more convinced that what is missing in today’s services is the power of the Holy Spirit. And yet when I mention this I am met with a shake of the head and a roll of the eye.  It is like the Book of Acts is missing from the Bible from which we teach.  With this on my mind as I read Smith Wigglesworth yesterday I was struck by what he said about this very issue.  “I am satisfied that the purpose of Pentecost is to reestablish God in human flesh.  Do I need to say it again?  The power of the Holy Spirit has to come to be enthroned in the human life so that it does not matter where we find ourselves.  Christ is manifested in the place where devils are, the place where religious devils are, the place where false religion and unbelief are, the place where formal religion has taken the place of holiness and righteousness.  You need to have holiness – the righteousness and Spirit of the Master – so that in every walk of life, everything that is not like our Lord Jesus will have to depart.  That is what is needed today.” Amen.  I believe that when we who are the saints (called out ones of God) finally get this into our human life and stand up for the Kingdom of God we will see a return to the church as people come to hear the truth, find the way and experience the fulfilling life that Jesus promises from His church which is us.  Maybe Pogo had it right after all.

LIFE does not meet tonight, we will resume at 7:00 next Tuesday.

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