Remember the song from Annie, “The Sun’l come out tomorrow”?  It will you know.  As I fast and pray tomorrow I will concentrate on the promises of God.  One very important one is that, the sun will come out tomorrow.  At least until the Son comes back  I know everyone is being stretched these days in hiding from the virus, cut off from family and friends.  We have been hunkered down completely due to Peggy’s autoimmune disease and our daughter has been going to the grocery store for us and any other errands.  I miss going to the grocery store, I always see friends there and spend time with them.  It is disheartening to read of all the people who are affected by this invasion.  Even our little Bible study/fellowship is having to meet on conference calls.  Life has changed and as far as I can tell we are all affected by the changes.  But we know who wins in the end and can, therefore, praise God and lean not on our own understanding.  The front line people from the truck drivers to the doctors and nurses need our prayers, the families that have lost loved ones need us also.  There is a song I learned many years ago that says.  “Mighty Warrior, dressed for battle, Holy Lord of all is He.  Commander in Chief, bring us to attention!  Lead us into battle to crush the enemy.”  He has my attention and I want to fully rely on Him to lead us into battle.  I re-read about Jacob recently and was once again reminded that I am a forgiven child of God and if I hold on to Him, I will be blessed.  The battle is His and it is won!!!!!!

I know that these are trying times guys, but as we pray and fast tomorrow please let’s focus on the end game and trust God to get what He wants out of this mess.

God bless you, Jim

LIFE does not meet tonight but if you want to join us next Tuesday please let me know by sending your cell number and we will call you around 7:00 PM to join in our discussion on Hebrews.

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