Done, now to find a way to lose the 5-10 pounds the average American gains.  I am sure my body will revolt against the fast tomorrow.  What a wonderful time Thanksgiving is, and we should be very happy that our nation sets a day aside to give thanks for our nation under God.  Even with all the divisiveness and vitriol, we have just finished with the mid terms, we still have the freest, most blessed nation on the earth.  Praise God!  But how long can we keep it as Ben Franklin said right after it was formed?  I had an opportunity to preach Sunday and God had me talk about prophets, using Jeremiah to make many points about prophets of today.

After comparing Judah and Israel of his day to our situation, I included the story of Sodom.  You remember Abraham bargained with God to spare the city as his nephew Lot and his family were living there.  He got God to agree that if He could find 10 righteous men there He would spare the evil city.  I looked up the population of Sodom at that time and they say between 600 and 1200.  If I take 1000 as the number, all Abraham was asking for was 1% to be righteous and thus be spared.  Recently, there was an archeologist speaking at church about his recent dig in Sodom.  He said many interesting things about their findings but the one that stuck with me is that the stones they found were so deeply burned that nothing short of an Atomic blast could have heated them so.  Last week I saw an article that said the scientist have now agreed that Sodom was destroyed by fire.  My question is, how long will God wait for our society to accept His rule?  I encouraged the people Sunday morning to stand up and take the roles for which they were called and be “Testimonial Prophets” as Smith Wigglesworth called us.  Tell people that Jesus saved you, healed you, filled you, delivered you and see the world actually come to revival and be spared until the fullness of time when Jesus comes for us.  God bless you as we move into the next blessed season, it will be a good time to share what Jesus did for you.

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