Glory to God, we will fast and pray together tomorrow.  The group of us who have been praying together on Sunday mornings have been seeking to be in one accord and trust for a fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit to revive the world.  Sunday, I missed the prayer group as I traveled to Guyton to support my granddaughter who was to play the keyboard for the worship service for the first time there.  I did not know that they were having a revival speaker bring the message.  He started his sermon with “Revival is coming, keep praying and believing”  Wow, he got my attention immediately.  The title of his message was to be Fresh Wood!.  In making many references to scripture he said in closing that there are 5 keys to revival and I was impressed enough to write them down and want to share them with you today.  These are the things that will stoke the fire (Holy Spirit) of our heart, and keep it burning HOT for Jesus.

  1. Repentance
  2. Personal Devotion (staying in the word daily)  Plodding
  3. Praying in the Spirit daily
  4. Fellowship, building one another up in Christ
  5. Serving/Witnessing

He shared that the Gospel is being shared and accepted around the world like never before and we all know that that is a prerequisite for His return.

It seems to me that our nation is determined to divide itself into two Kingdoms even as Judah and Israel did.  Let us be determined to continue to pray and believe and be the remnant to welcome Jesus on His return.  He Is Coming!  Bless you



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