For a reminder to pray and fast together tomorrow I want to share something I read this morning.  Matt Walsh who is not a theological heavyweight by any means wrote a piece on John The Baptist which tweaked something me about what I rant about fairly often.  John lost his head due to sticking his nose in the kings business and coming against moral sin.  He said, “Moral cowardice is the disease infecting our churches.  We are not the first Christian cowards to ever live, but I think we may represent the highest concentration of them.  Has there ever been a society plagued with so many Christians so unwilling to defend even the most basic teachings of their faith?  Has any group of Christians ever abandoned so many of their doctrines so easily?  Has any Christian society ever cowered so completely under so facile a threat?”  We should be enraged against the powers of darkness and the powers of disease.  Don’t we know that there is a Master in us who is greater than the power that is hanging around the churches?

As Christians, it is incumbent on us to take a stand against sin, call it what it is and speak repentance to the nations.  There will be no resurgence of faith in America until there is a resurgence of courage among the faithful.  Our churches are giving into a society gone amuck, we need to stand up and demand better from them.  If God calls it a sin in His Word, then it is and we should hold their feet to the fire of the Holy Spirit and see to it that we do not allow it in our fellowship. Love and encourage those who are caught in the lie to repent and be reunited with God’s intent.  Bless you!


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