I have visited many churches in my community and found a lack of Spirit, prayer, and power. I am not being judgmental but I thought about that this morning as read my devotional from Smith Wigglesworth for today. So as a reminder to pray and fast tomorrow I want to share this with you.
“Note the words of Acts 4:31: ‘And when they had prayed, the place where they were assembled together was shaken.’ There are many churches where they never pray the kind of prayer that you read here. A church that does not know how to pray and to shout will never be shaken. If you live in a place like that, you might as well write over the threshold: “Ichabod” – The glory has departed from Israel! (1 Sam. 4:21). It is only when men have learned the secret of prayer, power, and praise that God comes forth. Some people say, “Well, I praise God inwardly,” but if your heart is full of praise, you will have to let the praise come out.” Amen, having found this to be true for me in 1972 I learned to shout and sing praise to God and my prayer life changed forever.
We are praying and fasting, seeking a fresh outpouring of God’s power among us so let’s come to the throne boldly, praying noisily, singing His praises enthusiastically so that no one can ever write “Ichabod” over our door. Praise God! God bless!

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