As I prepared my spirit for a day of praying and fasting tomorrow I was struck by something I read from Smith Wigglesworth a couple of days ago.  I am praying every day for people whom I love who have not decided to remove themselves from the throne of their life and invite Jesus to take over.  I fully believe that time is of the essence.  He said, “If you want to stay in the world, you cannot go on with God.  If you are not of this world, your position in this life will have little effect on you.  Yet you will know that everything will work for your good (Rom. 8:28) if you climb the ladder of faith with God.  God will keep the world in perfect order and give you success in the end.  But God cannot work for you; you are so involved in the world that He cannot get your attention. How can someone get into this divine order when he is torn between two things: God and the world?  He cannot let himself go and let God take him.”

Wow, I have never heard it said better.  Next week we will be in Blue Ridge GA putting on a seminar for a men’s retreat so I will not have access to my computer and will not be able to remind every one of our fast day.  Please pray for our safe travels as we will be out 7 days.  Love you and remember, He Is Coming!


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