Prayer and Fasting

Good afternoon, I almost did not get to write anything today.  A brother called me a few hours ago and ask how my day was going and I told him it was just a crummy as yesterday and seem to be getting worse.  Well he started laughing at me and soon I was laughing also, thank God for loving brothers who love you anyway.  Yesterday I had an excavator in my back yard to install the second drain field in a week.  It seems that I have a septic tank for the house and one for the washer and kitchen sink and after 61 years it was time for both of them to fail at the same time.  Well, the guy digging the ditch cut the underground cable for power to my office which is a small building behind the house.  It was only 91 yesterday and today and without air and without my computer I was down in more ways than one.  I finally got someone to listen to me about my Comcast cable to the computer yesterday and they are due today.  The people came to try to find the cut cable and finally decided to run a new one…days away.  The septic guy came back to finish his job from yesterday and agreed to dig me a new ditch with a shovel, well that didn’t last long in the heat so we are now going to have to rent a ditch witch and bury a new cable to the office.  My good friend John Stein came and ran some wires from the house to the office to give me some power until the new cable could be laid.  So here I am at 3:00 P.M. starting to prepare for our Bible study tonight via cell phone and not sure what encouraging words to write to you today.

I have a hand out that lists many issues of life (LIFE issues for eternity) and the corresponding scripture.  I got one out and read that the Victory was described in 1 John 5:4, “For everyone born of God is victorious and overcomes the world; and this is the victory that has conquered and overcome the world – our continuing, persistent faith in Jesus the Son of God.”  Thanks, I needed that!  God bless you all and you are all invited to join us by cell tonight at 7:00 as we continue our study of Hebrews and we will have communion tonight also.  Peggy’s autoimmune system will probably keep us meeting this way for at least one more week.

Now the Comcast guy is due and I am going to try to improve my connection as I now am slower than dial up…don’t remember dial-up?  God bless you and keep you safe in this mess we are all going through.  As we fast and pray tomorrow I am sure we will remember those who have lost loved ones and to cover everyone threatened by this virus. Jim, have a blessed day!

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