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As I prayed this morning I was led to share something today about relationships as that is one of the reasons I fast, to move closer to God in relationship.  I have had the privilege to counsel many couples over the years, most of the time after the union. I was impressed to share some of the things I learned in doing so.  Most of us grow up with a need in our heart and we should have as we are created to worship and seek God.  By the time we reach adulthood we began to search diligently to fill the void.  We as a people try all sorts of things; drugs, work, hunting, fishing, golf, sex, travel, on and on.  Many times we find someone who we think will make us happy for life and began to think about marriage, subconsciously thinking that the other will fill the needs in our life.  Those skilled in these things call that co-dependency when we become dependent on the other to make our life complete.  This results in disaster, it might take a decade or more to fully appreciate the problem. But eventually, we began to resent the other as it has not worked and consequently we start finding fault with each other.  I am convinced that this is at least partly to blame for our extremely high rate of divorce.  The answer is simple, we need to work out our relationship with Jesus before we undertake a spouse.  He is the answer, He is the Way, the Truth and the Light and only He can fill the void put in us before birth by God.  If you know someone who fits this bill, it is not too late.  Share this with them, and explain that Jesus forgives and will wipe the slate clean if they will forgive each other and make Him the center of their lives.  I said it was simple didn’t I?  In many cases it could take a lifetime and that is ok too as long as we get it right before He comes..Revelation 22:20.  God bless, Jim

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