I know that was the terminator but I feel like the 6 million dollar man, now.  How many remember that series?  I have new lenses in my eyes, one steel knee and one titanium.  I have titanium screws and rods and hardware holding my neck together and I am thanking God that He has made provision for me to get new parts an still be able to keep going at 77 serving Him.  As we prepare for fasting and praying tomorrow please consider thanking Him for His written word.  Remember what Jesus said to Satan when He was tempted? “It is written”.  I might be the only one, but there are days in my daily activities that I don’t stop to see what God is saying to me today.  He speaks every day to His children, an encouraging word, an admonition, a directive, but He is speaking to us all the time through the Word of God.  I am ordering bookmarks to put in my give away Bibles that have a prayer on it, “Father, by the power of Your Holy Spirit living in me, I pray that right now You will open my eyes and my heart that I may hear and understand Your word for me today. In Jesus Name”.  Then if we will open our Bible and read I think we will learn to hear Him speak.  I am excited about this new mission and will begin this week asking pastors to allow me to make the presentation in their church, and give away the Bibles.

God gave me two more scriptures this week to encourage me on the way and I hope it will do the same for you.

Ezekiel 3: 16-19 and Matthew 3: 10-11

God Bless you!

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