God Bless America

Tomorrow as we fast and pray I urge you to remember to pray for our nation and our president again.  As we are waking up from this pandemic nightmare I see stirrings of patriotism in various places around the country and am greatly encouraged.  The American spirit seems to be alive and well,  I am reminded of our rebellion against oppression and find myself stirred with pride for our country and am reminded of the God who provided it to us with all of its freedoms and rights.  I am reminded of all the brave men and women who died to protect our freedom and rights, I am reminded of the bountiful supply we found here and still do.  I am praying that this slowdown and threat to human nature and all the kindnesses we have seen as we love one another will continue once the threat leaves.  Someone sent me a clip of Ronald Regan giving all credit to God and it got me thinking of the divisive culture we now endure.  In celebration of the Armistice after the 1st world war, a song was introduced by Kate Smith that united the nation and moved it forward as a reminder of all the good with which we have been blessed.  It seems that Erving Berlin wrote it 20 years before and brought it out at this appropriate time.  Well, I thought it was an appropriate time again so I found the clip of the first time it was ever sung and by the first lady of song.  I read some time ago that Sinatra said she had the greatest voice of all time.  Please as we prepare for prayer and fasting tomorrow take time to listen to it and reflect on just how good is our God!

LIFE does not meet tonight but I pray for each of you and look forward to our return to meeting in person.  I am thinking maybe the 18th.  God bless, Jim

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