Jesus said to me this morning, “I know your works.  You have the reputation of being alive, but you are dead.  Wake up, and strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your works complete in the sight of my God.”  Revelations 3!  I have been in several churches in the recent past that line right up with the church in Sardis.  It reminded me that I was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit for works…not by works but for.  Many churches today have fallen into the habit of a Sunday morning lecture with little or no participation by the Church (Congregation).  I think this has lead to a lackadaisical attitude to works.  Let the pastor handle it (just like he does on Sunday morning).  If you read Paul’s order of worship in 1 Corinthians 14 you will not find this type of meeting.  God called us to serve others, not fill a seat and contribute to the collection and go home for the week.  The fields are white hot with available harvest but the workers are few.  In fact, I think the world is in a panic to destroy itself from within.  I took this as a Wake-Up call for me and I hope you will give thought to it as we fast and pray tomorrow.

Talk to your pastor about service needs. Investigate in your community and find unmet needs. Volunteer with some organization in your area that is serving people.  Seek ye first the Kingdom of God!  I love serving His Kingdom with you!  Have a blessed day.

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