Wow, this is amazing times in which we live.  This week and last I am amazed at the condition of our population and the divisiveness in which we live.  I am reminded of the story of Achan from the book of Joshua.  He leads them against the city of Ai in the process of conquering the land that God had given His people.  One man (Achan) in the army decides during the battle that he needs to enrich himself in the process and no one would be the wiser.  Woops!  They lost the battle and Joshua asked God why.  The Lord says, get up!  Why do you lie thus on your face?  Israel has sinned, and they have also transgressed My covenant which I commanded them.  For they have taken some of the accursed things and have both stolen and deceived and they have also put it among their own stuff.”  He went on, “therefore the children of Israel could not stand before their enemies, but turned their backs before their enemies, because they have become doomed to destruction.”  My My, God is serious about obedience is He not?  Joshua roots out the thief through a series of elimination provided by God and gathers him and everything he has (including his family) and eliminates them with stones.  Hard lesson for Israel and for us.  Where there is evil among us it must be eliminated or God will take care of it.  I believe we can easily see that there is evil among us in this nation and we must have the strength and faith to stand against it if we are to continue as a nation under God.  There is so much “self” out there and Jesus said, die to self and live in Me.  Tomorrow as we fast please remember in prayer all of our politicians and pray that they will be convicted by the Holy Spirit and come to Jesus.  They must be held accountable as was Achan if we expect to continue in God’s mighty blessings.

God Bless you and keep you, Jim

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