In our Bible study tonight we will continue to explore the book of Hebrews.  Hebrews is basically a book that exhorts discouraged Christians to continue on strong with Jesus in light of the complete superiority of who He is and what He did for us.  The Gnostics tried to lead these Jewish Christians back to Judaism with the argument that Jesus was not a divine being, just a created angel like the others.  Listen and don’t drift away!  The Greek word used here has the idea of slipping away, not a sudden departure but a slow drift from righteousness.  Sounds like the work of the world to me.  Jesus only took on flesh so that He could demonstrate right living to us and to be the propitiation for our sins in death and rise again that we might know the way to life eternal. 

We are called to not neglect so great a salvation which is like those who disregarded the invitation to the marriage supper, they made light of it and were to busy to be bothered.  Brethren, don’t be fooled by the world, if we do not consider something great we leave it to convenience rather than to commitment.!

Many neglect their salvation because they never see it as salvation.  They see it merely as receiving something, not at being rescued from something!

Brothers and sisters, I personally have been in a lot of prayer for souls of those I know and love due to my study in this wonderful book.  Please join me tomorrow in our fast and prayer for any that come to mind that still walk with one foot in and one foot out of the Kingdom, that they might hear and obey.

If you deny Me before men, I also will deny you before My Father in Heaven.  Matthew 10:33.

God bless you and if you can, please join us at Bible study tonight at 7:00.

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