Happy New Year, welcome to the year of our Lord 2019.  I like to say that!  It reminds me of the mighty things He is doing as we leave the old year and prepare for bigger and better.  Trusting in Him as we pray and fast tomorrow.  So eat your black-eyed peas and collards today and let’s pray together tomorrow.  Please keep in mind that we are praying for a revival in our nation,  I am amazed at the lack of decorum and respect I see in our government.  I have voted in 9 presidential elections and many congressional elections in my 76 years but I have never seen such vitriol and mistrust.  The results have been a lack of governing and we the people suffer.  I am praying for a Holy Spirit revival in America which I think is the only thing that will fix the problem.  My friend, Smith Wigglesworth, spoke about this in his sermon for today.  “There is a way that God establishes.  In our human planning, we may experience blessings of a kind, but we also undergo trials, hardships, and barrenness that God would have kept from us if we had followed His way.  I realize through the anointing of the Holy Spirit that there is a freshness, a glow, security in God where you can know that God is with you all the time.  There is a place to reach where all that God has for us can flow through us to a needy world all the time.”

WOW! What a place to be, his example in this sermon was Jacob and his story in Genesis chapter 28 – 31 tells the story.

To our Bible study group, we will be meeting on the 8th instead of tonight and I would appreciate you taking a minute to read the email I sent on the 29th about plans for the new year and get back to me.

Love you and I pray that the blessings of God be with through the year! Jim

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