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As I prayerfully prepare for our fast day tomorrow I need to share something that has been weighing on me for a couple of weeks.  It seems that I can’t get very far from the subject of faith.  Very interesting as I was supposed to have spine surgery in my neck on Friday but had to call it off.  My son who is also having cervical problems wound up scheduled for surgery the same day, with the same surgeon, at the same hospital.  Too long of a story to tell it all here but to summarise, his name is James M. Bulluck and mine is James E. Bulluck.  The confusion that caused at every level would be funny if not so dangerous.  I finally called off my surgery after the pre-op nurse also got the wrong chart.  I meet with the neurosurgeon yesterday to let him assure me that he and his staff could handle my operation.  It is rescheduled for 2/1.  I promise I have been praying for a long time about the pain in my neck and right arm, believing and expecting a healing.  Finally, after scheduling the surgery I started to doubt if it was the right thing.  Next, I read in Smith Wigglesworth two days worth of faith words and the doubt went into overtime.  He used my old friend Abraham to make the point about believing God.  Romans 4: 19-20 gives a short synopsis of the story but the point is that he waited some 20 years, and I am complaining? You never know what you are made of until you are tested.  I am settled that I need some repair work and will have the operation on the 1st but I assure you that I am trusting God to make it right.  Then to top it off I watched a movie last night, “Silence”  based on a book by the same name of the coming of Christianity in the 1600s to Japan.  Boy, faith was tested at every step (pun intended).  Please read the book or watch the movie and you will understand.

We will take up this subject tonight in Bible study, my prayer is that God will meet us there and give us the strength to wait upon the Lord, through whatever it is you are dealing with.  And if you are not dealing with anything, watch out as old slew foot will lull you to sleep. For as my good friend David Cannady always says, “Even so come Lord Jesus”.  Bless you!

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