Fast and Pray

Finally, I feel like I am among the living again.  In case there are some who do not know why you have not heard from me in two weeks, let me splain.

I was having a lot of trouble with my right arm and hand due to pinched nerves in my neck.  As God sometimes does, He did not heal it.  Turns out that He wanted me flat of my back so that I might hear from Him.  The neurological surgeon said he would make a small incision in the back of my neck and fix the issue.  Operate Friday morning and go home Saturday morning.  Wrong.  He made a 6-8” incision, took the backs off of the top 4 vertebrae and screwed it all back together with rods and screws.  I was in the hospital for 5 days much of the time on opioids to manage the pain.  One night as I tried to sleep through the hallucinations coming out of the wall I had enough of the attack and started repeating the name of Jesus.  He came and asked me about a job he had given me about 5 years ago which I tried but it did not go anywhere so I let it go.  He started giving me scripture and admonished me to get back at it in a larger way than I had tried before.  As I have been unable to move much,  I have been writing down everything that comes and soon as I am able to drive again I will hit the road.  As this unfolds I will let you know more but for now, it is a good ministry to pray and fast for as we come together in His name tomorrow.  For now, it is time for my afternoon nap to continue my recovery, praise God.  I love you and take great joy in knowing that we stand together in His name.  God bless

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