Fast and Pray


I for one am tired of living like this.  Someone sent me this among some other photos from long ago with the reminder that every 100 years there has been a major problem in the world.  1720 Plaque; 1820 Cholera; 1920 Spanish Flu; 2020 Coronavirus.  Mankind is still here plodding along under the watchful eye of our Lord.  While it is important to pray for the lost lives and the families that are dealing with the current attack we must remember that God’s ways are higher than ours.  We must trust His judgment and not give up hope.  I heard today that some businesses will be allowed to reopen this weekend, praise God as many people I know are hurting with the cash flow being shut off like a faucet.  Many are still waiting for their government checks (including us) as it seems they were held up in Congress for reasons beyond our control.  I love the remark that I think Regan made, I am from the government and I am here to help.  Smith Wigglesworth reminded me this week, “We can never be filled with the Holy Spirit as long as there is any human craving for our own wills.  Selfishness must be destroyed.  Jesus was perfect, the end of everything, and God will bring us all there.  It is giving that pays, it is helping that pays, it is loving that pays; it is putting yourself out for another person that pays.”  Good word for our times, we at LIFE Ministries are ever looking for places we can help in the pandemic especially. 

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