The dictionary says it means, “having been in existence for a long time and therefore recognized and generally accepted.”  I read a story recently by Smith Wigglesworth about a young man who went to church with his father who was a deacon in his church.  The boy was filled with the Holy Spirit and began to glorify God out loud.  An older gentleman sitting by him turned and said, “you call that religion?”  After the service, his father’s fellow deacons came to the father and said that he would have to control his son and that the boy should wait until he is established to manifest these things.  The father told him that they would not put up with your enthusiasm until you are established.  On the way home in the horse-drawn carriage, the horse came to a stop in the road.  The father turned to the son in frustration and asked, “what’s up with the horse?”  The boy replied, “father, I think this horse has gotten established.”

Ever felt like that in church?  Yeah, me too.  Ever wonder how bold we should be in our stand for the gospel?  Paul dwelt with that a lot and so did Jesus.  I just read in John 8 where Jesus was being confronted by the established religious leaders of the day because He said that if they abide in His word they would be free.  They said that they were free as children of Abraham and Jesus told them no they were children of satan and they wanted to follow that murderer into the pit of hell instead of obeying God.  He ends this narrative with the classic, “He who is of God hears God’s words; therefore you do not hear, because you are not of God”

How is that for bold?  As we pray and fast tomorrow we should remember all the families of the recent mass murders and come against the kingdom of darkness from where it came but let’s also pray for the boldness of Paul and Jesus in confronting the establishment in today’s society; that many souls may be saved.

Praise God, Jim

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