As I prepared for fasting and prayer tomorrow I re-read the Gospel of John. Great exercise which I highly recommend. As I finished chapter 17 where Jesus prayed for Himself, His disciples and for you and me and went on to the next chapter I was struck with something that rang a bell in my head. When Judas showed up in the garden with the troop of soldiers from the church with all of their weapons, Jesus didn’t run or take cover. He simply asked a question, a question that I think we need to answer as a church continuously. “Whom are you seeking?” They answered, “Jesus of Nazareth”. No reaction from them until Jesus answered, ” I am He.” They drew back and fell to the ground. Why? They came looking for a prophet from Nazareth which is what they had been told. His answer said, I Am, God, Yahweh, creator of the world. They understood from the writing of Moses who I Am was and they were fearful. He asked them again to see if they got it, they didn’t and answered the same way, and He said again that He was God Almighty. I think that too many are seeking a historical Jesus from Nazareth and not the risen savior of the world, the great I AM. Whom are you seeking today? As we seek God together tomorrow let’s purpose to ask the question of our neighbors whom we all love, whom are you seeking? Praise God, have a blessed fast, Jim L.I.F.E. Ministries 114 Wynngate Rd. Wilmington Island, GA 31410 Facebook – LIFE Ministries, Inc. Jim Bulluck…..PLEASE NOTE: EMAIL CHANGE TO: JBULLUCK@SPECTRUMSAV.COM 912-695-6510 office 912-695-6510 cell imitatio Christi

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